Are you ADA compliant?

Handicap Markings & Sign InstallationIn 2010, the Americans with Disabilities Act was revised to include expanded requirements for all parking lots.

  • Do you have the required number of handicapped stalls?
  • Do you have the proper number of van accessible stalls?
  • Do you know how many are required by law?
  • Do you have the proper signage?


Here’s a link to the ADA website that spells out the requirements for your parking lot – You might be surprised to learn you’re out of compliance. And, you might be further surprised to learn you may be subject to civil litigation if you are out of compliance.

Don’t worry. We can help. We’ll provide a free assessment of your parking lot, let you know if you’re in or out of compliance and, if you’re out of compliance, help you establish a plan to bring you back into compliance.

G-FORCE™ is here to help.

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